Challenge #3 Some questions I would like to ask you

Do you like hockey?

What’s your favorite hockey team?

What is your favorite post that I have written on my blog?

What do you think I should improve on my blog?

challenge #3

3 thoughts on “Challenge #3 Some questions I would like to ask you

  1. Great questions Josh! Here are my answers:
    Favourite Sports Team: Toronto Maple Leafs (sorry)
    Favourite Post: Tourist Attractions – lots of great suggestions
    Improve Your Blog – add pictures to your posts and don’t forget to add trackbacks to Ms. Wyatt’s challenges.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hey Josh! Whats up. I thought that I would be cool and answer your questions.
    1. I do some times, but not all the time.
    2. I am not from Canada so I would have to say the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Capitals.
    3. My favorite post would have to be football challange #2, just because I love football.
    4. I think your blog is really good and I see no place for improvements.
    Because you are also cool check out my blog and comment at
    Thanks 🙂 <3

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