Two Against The North

In this story to against the North I believe that the main character will eventually die because I think his canoe might hit a rapid and flip. I believe this will happen because the part I am at is he paddling downstream but I believe the stream will turn into rapids and he will die.

My video post

One movie that has had an impact on me is the movie the rookie. The reason why I love this movie is because it is all about sports in particular baseball. I believe that the target audience would be anyone because the movie tells you about how your dreams can come true. The basic story behind this movie is a baseball player that hurt his shoulder and could not play baseball anymore. But when he was 39 years old he gets another chance to play and accomplishes his long life applying in the MLB.

Sidney Crosby

Sidney Crosby

This upstart hockey champion from coal Harbour Nova Scotia has led a seemingly charmed life earning awards and playing hockey since the age of three.  He is the captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins and the youngest player in history to become named such an All-Star.  Sidney Crosby has led his team to its first Stanley Cup victory since 1992 and is a hockey legend.  In his first season Sidney Crosby became the youngest player in NHL history to have 100 points in a season.  He became the youngest player in NHL history to score 200 points overall and was the youngest player to win the Art Ross trophy. 

       Sidney Crosby also won the Hart Memorial trophy, the Lester B personal award, the Mark Messier leadership award and the rocket were showered award.  When Wayne Gretzky was asked if anyone would ever beat his records and Wayne Gretzky replied, “Sidney Crosby could.”  After suffering a crushing defeat by the Detroit Red Wings in 2008 Sidney Crosby led the penguins throughout a tough season in an intense playoff and pass the Red Wings once again in the finals to win the 2009 Stanley Cup championship.  But unfortunately they couldn’t repeat the same in the 2010 season. 

Sidney Crosby’s parents play a large role in Sidney Crosby’s life because they helped him by taking him to the games.  His dad helped him to show where the goalie’s weakness is considering he played goalie for the Montréal Canadians back in the 1980s. His parents supported them the whole way through Sidney Crosby once said, “I think my parents for what they’ve done because without them I would not be hear where I am today.”

            The highlight of Sidney Crosby’s life is when he scored the game-winning gold-medal goal to win the Vancouver 2010 Olympics for team Canada earning Canada’s 14th gold-medal of the Olympics and were the most gold medals ever one by any country that had participated in the winter sport games. 

The reason why I chose this book is because I love hockey and I remember watching Sidney Crosby scored the gold-medal goal or “the Golden goal.” This book was one of the best books I’ve ever read and I would encourage any reader that loves the game of hockey and especially Sidney Crosby to read.  My favorite part of the story is one Sidney Crosby won the Stanley Cup because throughout the book it talks about how much he wanted to win it and how his dreams came true.


Let me put my poems in you (CLASSS POEMS)

Let me put my poems in you

By:  Josh



    Hockey is a fun game when you shoot the puck in the net.  The game is so fun especially when you score the game-winning goal.  Hockey is a great game but the most important rule is no pain no game.


My brother



 I have a brother his name is Matt. His favorite thing to do is wear a hat.


Spring is in the air

  Spring is in the air flowers are blooming sky high children are laughing as they run through the Meadows.




My favorite poem is the free verse the one about hockey.  The meaning of this is to tell the reader how much the game means to me.  It tells about the best feeling in hockey which is scoring the game-winning goal.

Assignment #1

       Three things that I believe have a huge advantage in the world are medicine, construction equipment, and sports I believe that medicine is important to this world because without medicine we wouldn’t be able to save lives.  We also would not be able to save people from common things like the flu.  I also think back construction equipment is very important to this world because without it we could not be able to build houses, skyscrapers, and important buildings such as hockey arenas.  Lastly I think sports are also extremely important to us because without sports people would not be able to stay in treatment or have fun.  Even though they can be dangerous the fact that people still play is amazing.

2012 in 60 seconds

Out of all my slides I believe that the NHL lockout is the most important.  I believe that it is the most important because millions of people love the game of hockey including me.  Hockey is very important to me and when it’s gone you just feel a little bit depressed.  But I personally believe that the lockout will end soon and the NHL will be restored.  I personally believe that NHL lockouts are just pointless all it is is people asking for money that they don’t have.